I find myself inundated by two things this month: the word “bitch” and the color pink.

The obvious is that the month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The word “bitch,” not entirely a desired topic. Or maybe it is in today’s society.

Many people (Leanice Smith, The Lion’s Tale Issue 3) write about the word “bitch” and its cultural implications. And wow, has that changed, since even five years ago when the word actually instilled a sense of disrespect.

Her article raises an important question for me: since when have we become so ashamed of being women that we have to demean each other?

I understand, as a woman of what I call the Selfish Generation, that words and certain practices are no longer taboo. The word “bitch” is no longer even censored on television let alone thought of as a “bad” word.

While some still consider it a “cuss” word, the truth is that these people are probably our parents and professors, the ones gaping at such usage in public places, school hallways, even their own homes.

I walk down the hall in the A&S Building of Georgian Court University and hear words such as “bitch” on a regular basis. I hear it on television, I see the word in print, and even as the title of certain publications.

In her article, Leah Clarke raises the profound (and obvious) point that we are a university with a special concern for women. Not “bitches.” Those words should never be interchangeable. Yet that is what they’ve become.

How ironic it is, then, that the bitch issue comes up during the pink month, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Aside from rare medical cases, the primary recipients of breast cancer are women.

October is profound because it is the month set aside for awareness. Awareness is needed to shed the bliss of ignorance.

I like to think that some day women will re-vitalize the Bond of Sisterhood and “live the pink feeling” year-round, not only in the month of October. It’s imperative that we have each others’ backs.

It is only then that women will realize just how powerful we truly are. And let me tell you, when the time comes that women surpass men on more levels than men will care to admit, we certainly won’t be calling each other “bitch” as we pass on the streets. We will have far better things to do.


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