Up to date and fresh out of ideas

My current thoughts are this: what the heck am I going to editorialize for the next issue of The Georgian Court Report?

Formerly The Lion’s Tale, The Report is scheduled to release on March 24, just as students are sobering up from Spring Break.

This will be the sixth appearance of my column, ‘SableMinded.’ Georgian Court University has published eight issues of a student newspaper, to date.

Formerly with a circulation of 300, The Report added another 200 copies to their most recent printing schedule.

The upcoming issue will feature an article about Gov. Corzine’s budget cuts.

Because funds for the New Jersey Knowledge Initiative (NJKI) have been revoked, Georgian Court no longer has membership to six science and medical databases provided by the NJKI. These databases were formerly offered to students as part of the Sister Mary Joseph Cunningham Library’s online resources.

Look for this article on the front page.

In the meantime, solutions to inspiration cuts remain solicited.

PHOTO: Always thinking ahead for the next big thing. Drives me crazy when that thing remains yet to be thought. (Melissa L. Gaffney)


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