Instinctive? More like self-humiliating

Everyone’s doing it. At least we know all the politicians are.

N.Y. Gov. Eliot Spitzer is linked to a prostitution scandal. Former N.J. Gov. James McGreevey is a ‘Gay American.’ Former President Bill Clinton ‘didn’t have sex with that woman.’ Say what you like and over any book they put under your right hand, but let’s face it: Americans have sex and they like it dirty.

The most recent of the sex scandals involves Gov. Spitzer. According to, the Governor has been accused of “paying for sex with a high-priced call girl.” His wife is ‘standing by his side.’

The picture now plastered on every online news page is priceless: he looks emasculated and she might just be dreaming of a world where men don’t exist. I would be, anyway.

But ex-wife of former Gov. McGreevey Dina Matos says that “it’s instinctive.” She also told Matt Lauer that “It’s very easy for people on the outside to criticize and say, ‘I wouldn’t have been there. Why is she there? He disgraced her,'” but that there are many other factors to consider.

Oh really?

Because I’m pretty sure that if my husband had paid for a prostitute, I would make sure that was the last time he ever rose to the occasion.

I don’t care that they have children (three daughters ages 13, 15 and 18). I don’t care that it’s ‘instinctive’ to want to stand by someone. I really don’t even care that Gov. Spitzer is a politician.

What matters in sex scandals is how they make people feel, not to mention how you now look to the entire country.

I would feel awful. Then I would be slightly enraged. And then I would leave him, take my beautiful daughters (and his money) and tell them that “Daddy and Mommy can’t be together anymore. Daddy didn’t respect Mommy, himself or you.”

Even though Clinton was practically impeached (or whatever it was they discussed in Congress for a gazillion years), I have to admit that I still like the man. He was an excellent president. In fact, if anything, I didn’t respect him for not telling the truth, not necessarily for having sexual relations with another woman. (What are we, stupid, Bill? The stains, the lipstick, come on.)

I even questioned ole’ faithful, Hilary. What was her deal? I guess to portray a sense of unity. To show a united front in the ‘fight against integrity.’

I still believe that the U.S. can save its integrity. There’s a conscience somewhere in here. What Americans will not stop doing is having sex. And that’s fine.

Let’s just keep in mind our roles in every situation. And feelings, as cushy as that sounds. Your actions not only affect you but everyone connected to you. Mrs. Spitzer (soon to be ex, I hope) has to deal with this in front of the entire country.

It’s instinctive to want to feel like an idiot and humiliated? I don’t think so.

Prostitution involved or not, politicians are an easy target to ruin. They’re also the horniest targets, apparently.

PHOTO: From, Mr. and Mrs. Spitzer. Poor guy.


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