Hilton Head, here we come

A wealthy couple is missing. No big deal, happens all the time. Except for the fact that the Calverts are missing from Hilton Head Island, S.C., just off the coast of Georgia.

What a coincidence that Georgian Court University’s tennis team is hitting up Hilton Head for Spring Break 2008.

The Calverts went missing on March 3 and are still, as of March 12. The Lady Lions will head down to the island on Friday, March 14.

Kind of crazy, considering I’m one of those Lady Lions.

According to the Associated Press, Dennis Ray Gerwing has committed suicide. Gerwing was the ‘person of interest’ in this investigation. He was connected to the Calverts through business/financial dealings, some jumbo with companies and severances.

What matters is that he has a motive. Or at least he had one until he jumped the gun. Guess we’ll never know.

Considering that excitement follows the tennis team around like a shadow, I sense something in the air. But if nothing happens, at least we will have visited the scene of the crime.

The Calverts own a small airplane, a yacht, at least one home and a silver Mercedes. And several businesses. They laid low on the scene and were apparently nice people, according to friend and business associate, Tony Gibus.

It’s just all slightly disturbing.

PHOTO: The Calverts. The fact that they’re missing does not refrain me from saying that she looks slightly mannish and he just a bit too frightened to actually be married to her.


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