Union Beach Adult School: gone for good?

The town of Union Beach is in jeopardy of losing its Adult High School due to budget cuts, according to superintendent Arthur Waltz, Ed.D.

While the town was able to make up a significant amount of funding through taxpayers’ dollars, the state cuts projected for next year hit hard.

About $120,000 was taken out of the surplus this year. The difference next year could be as much as $161,000.

Union Beach operates an excellent school system, working with the money and talent they are given. But this is just too much and the town simply cannot afford it.

How sad, too. The Adult School provides a place where anyone can go to finish their education.

Students young and old alike work at their own pace towards a high school diploma. No matter what their situation, they are accepted here and welcomed with open arms.

I think it’s an absolute shame what Gov. Corzine is doing throughout the state. I understand that we’re in debt. Who isn’t. But to take away from any aspect of such an institution as education seems hypocritical and pathetic.

Yes, we are the future. Yes, we will be “in charge” one day. OK then, so take away the money that makes or breaks small programs such as Union Beach’s Adult School. Nice.

While Waltz spoke about viable options, that does not take away from my point: when is enough enough, Governor?

Budget cuts are not unique to Union Beach.

Georgian Court University recently experienced a cut of several online databases. The Sister Mary Joseph Cunningham Library received these memberships through the New Jersey Knowledge Initiatve (NJKI). Gov. Corzine cut funding to NJKI, thus taking away our online databases.

This is not the Government working for the people. This is the people suffering through poor government.

I certainly hope Union Beach is successful in keeping the Adult School open. I also hope Georgian Court’s memberships in those databases are restored.

In the meantime, it is not simply a small demographic that suffers. We all do.

Read more about the Union Beach Adult School’s situation in the upcoming issue of The Courier on March 20.

Learn how students and faculty are affected by database cuts in the upcoming issue of The Georigan Court Report on March 24. Copies are available throughout campus.

PHOTO: (1) The Union Beach Adult School. (2) Georgian Court University stands for the Mercy Core Values of respect, justice, integrity, compassion and service. Way to show some mercy. (Melissa L. Gaffney)


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