S.C. doesn’t want to cut school budgets and (the kicker) plans do something about it

According to an article in today’s copy of Island Today, Beaufort County doesn’t want to cut future school budgets and is doing something about it.

On Thursday a bill passed the South Carolina House of Representatives that would save the county schools $2.4 million next year if the state Senate upholds the budget amendment.

According to the article, the bill ensures that no school district receives fewer dollars in state funding next year than this year through the 1977 Education Finance Act funding formula.

Basically this formula appropriates state funding based on property value. Districts with higher value have typically been given less funding. Beaufort County is considered the third wealthiest in the state of South Carolina.

I can see why they’re passionate about this bill, then.

I also like the idea of appropriation based on need rather than property value. Many “wealthy” districts are shafted because they are apparently able to pay for their own school district. Or at least that’s what their state thinks.

While yes, the wealthy should have more responsibility when it comes to financial and humanitarian issues, it should never be a question whether or not education is taken care of. Part of that responsibility rests in the state.

Why isn’t this bill proposed in more states? I also pose this (more important) question: Why the heck is this bill protecting people with money, for the most part?

Poor districts should never have their funding cut to begin with. More often than not they can’t support their own school systems. This results in debt and mediocre education.

When will people just realize that these gorgeous little children are the future? S.C. raises a point and I still don’t understand why poorer districts continue to suffer. Yes, all districts will have a bottom number. But will districts with less “value” be considered for more funding? I certainly hope so.

With that being said, it might be a realistic idea that New Jersey consider such a bill. At this rate we’re going to need all the help we can get where the education system is concerned.

PHOTO: Hilton Head Island Beach and Tennis Resort, Hilton Head, S.C. (Melissa L. Gaffney)

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