Update from Hilton Head: Twisters and tennis aren’t a good combination

I‘m still alive, don’t worry. The Atlanta tornadoes didn’t keep us on the ground.

I’m actually surprised. We take off around 8:30 p.m. on Friday and an hour later downtown Atlanta is wrecked.

Rescue searchers have since been looking for some 27 people and two others are reported dead from more twisters since.

My mother was worried. Our assistant athletic director was worried. Everyone else’s parents were worried. Now I’m beginning to worry, especially since our area is reportedly the next target for horrific weather.

The Weather Channel is calling for thunderstorms tonight. The lightning outside clearly indicates such storms are inevident.

Tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday look OK. But Wednesday is what I’m worried about.

We’re flying out of Savannah for Atlanta early in the morning. Once in Atlanta, we have a four hour layover until our flight is scheduled to depart for Atlantic City.

I get the feeling we might in be in Atlanta for an indefiniate period of time. Let’s hope the results of our tennis matches leave us all in a good mood. Let’s hope the weather will provide us with a safe flight. All this turbulence is becoming too much to handle.

PHOTO: The Georgian Court University tennis team 2007/2008 on the beach at the Hilton Head Island Beach and Tennis Resort. Minus me, of course. I love the Atlantic. (I also didn’t realize Georgia was so darn close to Florida.) (Melissa L. Gaffney)

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