Circa Savannah Antique Shop

Savannah, Ga., was not exactly what I had expected.

I had in mind a simple yet refined city inhabited with Southern drawls and sweet tea. What I found was a bustling, diverse town full of drunken Irish posers attempting to “celebrate” St. Patrick’s Day.

I’m not sure if visiting during such a culturally accepting holiday is a good idea or if I should give the town another chance when the majority of it is sober . . .

But, putting all conditions aside, I also found a gem sitting above River Street on the water.

Circa Savannah Antique Shop rests peacefully at 42 E. Bay St. Not your typical, smelly antique shop, this store is rather hip and choice in their selection of fine art.

The shop showcases Savannah’s cinematic icon Vivian Leigh in “Gone With the Wind.” Also for sale are “rare and original movie cards” from “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil,” also filmed on-location, and a photo from the movie autographed by Jude Law and Kevin Spacey.

Other items for sale include: signed photographs of actors such as John Cusack and Tom Hanks, Marc Chagall’s original art, personalized books seeped in Savannah’s history and, my favorite, a check written by Frank Lloyd Wright donating $12.50 to some random organization.

Notable collector’s items are a signed Amelia Earhart photograph, Thomas A. Edison’s autograph and a key from Harry Houdini’s personal collection.

The store is charming and I recommend a visit to anyone visiting the Savannah area. Especially if you’re in need of a snack (as hungry tennis players always are). The owner and employees are warm, welcoming and ready with a plate of delicious cookies and Cheesecake-flavored Hershey Kisses.

John Cusack and a Hershey Kiss flavor I had no idea existed. I was in Heaven.

PHOTOS: (1) Bay Street flowers. (2) The movie cards from “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” Taking pictures at Circa Savannah is technically not allowed. I obviously did not know this and was told after taking about a dozen photos.


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