FINAL update from Hilton Head: The Salty Dog Cafe

For our final night out on the island, we went to Sea Pines, Hilton Head Island, and visited The Salty Dog Cafe.

The Salty Dog is a well-known name across the country, perhaps even the world. At least the food was of that caliber.

My fire-grilled salmon was cooked to absolute perfection. I’ve had a lot of fish in my days. This was perhaps the freshest yet.

According to The Daily Dog, the dinner menu photocopied as a newsletter, the legendary name came about thanks to one brave canine.

Stuck out at sea, Capt. John Braddocks had little hope for survival. His loyal companion Jake, however, knew otherwise.

“He instinctively swan to his master’s side. John grabbed onto Jake’s collar and said a silent prayer. . . . The Captain began to lose hope as Jake fought against the raging sea. But Jake would not give up.”

This dog swam for three days and nights until reaching a beach on Sea Pines. He and his master survived and the rest is history.

The restaurant was fantastic not only for the food and this little piece of local culture translating nationally, but also because of the personal details.

Each table had pictures of pooches from across the country. Not only that, but there were Salty Dog Cams outside the restaurant. You can stream these live on the Salty Dog Web site by clicking the link above.

Say hi to friends and relatives from Hilton Head Island if you’re in the area and eat at The Salty Dog. I wish I had known about this before. I would have told everyone to look for the ladies of Georgian Court University.

PHOTO: My little baby, Sasha. Our first Yorkshire Terrior, she will most definitely not be the last. (Melissa L. Gaffney)

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