My picks this week for reality TV

American Idol, Season 7.

I absolutely adore David Cook. Not only is he easy on the eyes, but he’s amazingly talented. Every time he busts out a guitar I can’t help but smile. And melt, just a little.

Dancing with the Stars, Season 6.

Oh Monica Seles. I don’t want to like her for her horrific dancing skills, but my tennis ties almost force me to.

I do actually like Marissa Jaret Winokur and Penn Jillette. Marissa is a bundle of energy with a great personality. (I’m sure Broadway had nothing to do with that.) I also love the idea of a real-sized woman dancing like there’s no tomorrow.

Penn is hysterical. Not only is he the least-likely candidate for a dancing show, but he’s completely into it. Despite him being a huge guy and slightly awkward on his feet, the faces he makes just sell it.

My pick to get booted off on Idol this week is either Ramiele Malubay or Kristy Lee Cook.

Kristy truly has to leave this week. She butchered a Beatles’ song, for crying out loud! What more an excuse did America need to get rid of her?

I guess they just didn’t want another pole dancer (cough David Hernandez cough) to be the next pop star.

PHOTO: David Cook, taken from


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