Update from Hilton Head: Kayaking in Shelter Cove

The Lady Lions used some more muscles kayaking today, and what an adventure it was.

Outside Hilton Head of the Shelter Cove Marina, Hilton Head Island, took excellent care of us.

We left in our red life vests for Broad Creek to explore the wild life, plants and ecosystem of Hilton Head.

Spotting Great Blue Herons (3-feet-tall birds who love to pose for the camera), Snowy Egrets and pelicans was just the beginning.

Having dolphins travel within ten feet of my kayak was absolutely serene. It was amazing to feel so connected with nature in such an authentic way.

Our tour guide Mike also explained to us about the “soup” of Hilton Head: the water we were traversing. “It’s the ecosystem which everything stems from,” he said. “The marsh grass feeds nutrients into the water which is in turn filtered by the fish, birds and oysters.”

He said that these animals are what eventually feed the foods many of us will eat across the country.

I enjoyed kayaking so much. It made me realize that I want to start doing it more often. Anyone interested? Let me know, there are several amazing places to explore back in New Jersey.

PHOTO: My kayak partner Katarina Dockum and me, taken at our first match on Sunday, March 16. (Melissa L. Gaffney)


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