From the Press Box: Devils bomb the Bombers

The Trenton Devils beat the Dayton Bombers on Friday night, March 21, with a final score of 7-2.

Goalie Jason Smith held down the net with at least 30 saves, several of which were absolutely phenomenal.

He received the RBK Hockey ECHL Goaltender of the Week last week for a shutout streak of almost 187 minutes.

The game started off with a punch, thrown by forward Tommy Harrison, of course. Harrison never fails to entertain the fans.

But I think he spent more time in the penalty box for fighting during this game than he did on the ice. Three fights = at least 15 minutes. Maybe he should look into boxing.

Smith only let two attempts on goal in, one in the first period and again later in the second.

That last goal was sloppy, though, as the Bombers basically bowled themselves through the posts. The puck happened to tag along with the pins.

The Devils dominated the entire game with quickness, clever passing and teamwork.

Top scorers this game were center Jim Henkel and left wing Tony Zancanaro, each scoring two of the Devils’ seven points.

Center Trevor Kell, right wing Joe Rooney and forward Colin Pepperall also scored big for the Devils.

It felt good for them to finally win a home game at the Sovereign Bank Arena. (It’s about time.)

The three Stars of the Game were Smith, Pepperall and Henkel.

Henkel hails from Hazlet, N.J. The hometown boy is clearly a crowd favorite, not to mention an excellent player.

Look for a feature on him in a future issue of The Courier.

PHOTO: Jim Henkel. (Melissa L. Gaffney)

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