PINK magazine from Hilton Head Island

Pink Magazine is an awesome publication.

I came across a copy while down on Hilton Head Island and was immediately attracted to its mission and design.

Meant to empower and encourage confident women, Pink publishes monthly and is distributed on the island.

Visit their Web site for a small taste of the magazine’s content. You can also subscribe and receive the magazine via mail for a small fee.

Just a taste what Pink offers . . .

from the Pink Magazine Web site


Name: Pink Magazine

Born: March 31, 2004

Family: a sister,; very wise mother, Women’s Weekend Retreat; a sensible aunt, Celebrate Your Womentality Women’s Day; and my fun-loving baby sister, Pink Partini

Favorite Place to Hang out: In the hands of my readers

Favorite color to pair with pink: Lime green for fun and black for a more sophisticated look

Something most people don’t know about Pink: Lots of men dig me

Most effective pick-up line: Want to see under my covers?

3 words that best describe you: Positive, sincere, and sassy

Most proud accomplishment: Getting my pages torn out and posted on a mirror, bulletin board or refrigerator

Favorite Quote: “Don’t let anyone steal your dreams”

Pet Peeve: Selfishness . . . it’s so unattractive

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