Budget woes: Keyport, you’re killing me

The Keyport Township Council introduced an $8.37 million budget for the upcoming year at its public meeting held on March 18 .

Gov. Jon Corzine’s cuts have hit Keyport particularly hard, according to Mayor Robert J. Bergen. “This is the most difficult budget I have ever seen in 15 years,” he said.

The tax rate is expected to increase 14.18 cents for every $100 of assessed property value.

In actuality, the rate is only going to increase 11.15 cents for every $100. The over-compensation for “cuts” is because Keyport documented $100,000 in “extraordinary aid” as a cut in state funding.

Ironically, Keyport has not even applied for such aid as of yet. Critics have wondered how a township can be denied funds before even submitting an application.

I wonder why Keyport is trying to raise more money to “make up” for money they never had to begin with. Slightly shady, slightly confusing. Just another day of politcs and budget analysis. (Lucky me. I will take any help I can get, by the way.)

The mayor said that the cut is just about 32 percent of what Keyport normally receives. “This is not just doing more with less money, as Gov. Corzine said. It is doing less in government,” Bergen said.

Oh please. Start pinching your pennies, Keyport. The cuts are only getting deeper, and you’re not the only ones bleeding.

What makes Keyport unique is that they are going to switch from commercial to residential ratables, according to Mayor Bergen. Apparently there is no money to be made either way, so the township might want to look in to that issue.

The council also mentioned not providing any state aid for the Keyport Public Library next year. I see this as an increasingly significant issue. If state aid continues to be withdrawn, there is no doubt the cuts will affect the school systems and then the libraries.

I love learning and I love books. I know I am not the only one. Can we not save the future at all?

PHOTO: The Keyport Public Library. (Melissa L. Gaffney)

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