48-unit condo complex proposed in Keyport

Developer 75 Manchester LLC will introduce its plan for a 48-unit condo complex at Keyport’s Planning Board Meeting tonight at 7 p.m.

This is the second time the developer will pitch the Hudson Point Housing Project to Keyport.

According to an article posted online by the Asbury Park Press, the project calls for the building of 13 townhouses, 20 condominiums, 10 duplex units, two two-family homes and one single-family home.

The proposed site is located near the intersection of Maples Place and Manchester Avenue and contitutes about 2.7 acres.

The planning board meeting will be held at Keyport Borough Hall, 70 W. Front St.

Visit Keyport’s Web site for other information about the township.

Check back in the near future for more information on the planning board meeting and the Hudson Point Housing Project.

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