College athletes: best passage I’ve read in a while

I know we’ve all read those motivational/inspirational/any-ational passages about college athletes.

This one is different.

“It’s not about getting a scholarship, getting drafted or making Sports Center. It’s a deep need in us that comes from the heart. We need to practice, play, lift, hustle, sweat and compete. We do it all for our teammates.

We don’t lift weights with a future Olympic wrestler; we lift with a future doctor. We don’t run with a future Wimbledon champion; we run with a future CEO.

It’s a bigger part of us than our friends and family can understand. Sometimes we play for 200,000 fans, sometimes for 25. But we will play hard.

You cheer for us because you know us. You know more than just our names. Like all of you, we are still students first. We don’t sign autographs for money. But we do sign graduate school applications, MCAT exams and study body petitions.

When we miss a kick or strike out, we don’t let down an entire state. We only let down our teammates, coaches and fans. But the hurt in our hearts is still the same.

We train hard, lift, throw, run, kick, shoot, dribble and lift some more, and in the morning we go to class. Still the next day in class we are nothing more than students.

It’s about pride: in ourselves, in our school. It’s about our love and passion for the game.

And when it’s all over, when we walk off that court or field for the last time, our hearts crumble. Those tears are real. But deep down inside we are very proud of ourselves.

We will forever be what few can claim: college athletes.” – Annonymous

I loved this.

It is too often the case that people don’t get enough credit for what they actually accomplish in one day.

In a society of indifference, it’s important to remember something this passage addresses: we are all in the same boat, no matter what others think.

PHOTO: IT ALL STARTED SOMEWHERE Members of the Lacey Township High School tennis team 2001-05, more Lady Lions! Our dreams of being college athletes began here. (Compiled by Lauren Rieder)

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