Downtown Book Heaven: The Strand

Despite my current employment (Barnes and Noble), the Strand Bookstore in the East Village, Manhattan, is by far a gem of a bookstore.

I love the East Village for many things, but few of them beat more than 18 miles of new, used, rare and out-of-print books.

A professor of mine introduced me to the Strand about two years. I have forever been converted.

Having purchased countless amounts of books, I can honestly say that they have what corporate bookstores offer and more. The Strand even boasts a magnificent collection of rare books, which takes up an entire floor of their four-level main outfit in the city.

They also ship anywhere in the world, which is excellent for when I can’t always make the trip.

The Strand also has a Central Park kiosk, open from April through December, and an Annex located downtown near the Financial District and South Street Seaport shopping pavilion.

If you have not been to the South Street Seaport, it is a must. I had never seen it before a few months ago.

My book-seeking took me to the Annex. My curiosity (and temporary loss of direction) took me to South Street. Lucky for me it was a gorgeous day and the pavilion was more than picturesque.

What more could I ask for than books and an amazing glimpse of the city?

To visit their Web site, click the headline.

PHOTO: BOOKWORM Me during my first-ever visit to the Strand. I remember it quite clearly: We were walking up Broadway and I was expecting to see enormous signs pointing out our destination, (Thanks, B&N) when all of a sudden we were there. I had found it! Rather, it found me. Like most great things in the city, it is a subtle hole in the wall. Love at first sight. (Megan Schrier)


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