Giant of a day for football

Not only did the New York Giants hit the field less than two months after winning the Super Bowl, but the Philadelphia Eagles re-signed restricted free agent cornerback Joselio Hanson.

I’m excited.

The Asbury Park Press reported that a “sizeable” number of players returned to the stadium in East Rutherford to begin off-season conditioning.

I love receiver David Tyree’s comment mentioned in the article. “It just goes to show how big God is,” he said, about the miraculous catch he made late in the game. “Everything that happened with the Super Bowl I realize is not about me. It is about somebody that can be helped or blessed by the story and be encouraged.”

What a guy. Despite my loyalties (Go Green!), I was rooting for Big Blue on Feb. 3. They truly deserved to win, no matter what any Patriot fan will tell you. I have never seen a group of men work so hard and overcome so much.

As for my Eagles . . .

I’m psyched they re-signed Hanson, who has been with the team since 2006. I might be even happier when they go all the way next year.

Eagles, Giants Super Bowl, anyone?

PHOTO: Two Eagles fans enjoying the game, my sister Vicki and me. (Melissa L. Gaffney)

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