View a funeral via Webcast

Talk about converging. Britain is certainly ahead of the game on this one.

Pay-per-view funerals went live today in London, thanks to the Wesley Music company. posted an article about an hour ago about this.

The service is being well-received, according to director of Wesley Music Alan Jeffrey. Now families don’t have to feel excluded if they’re in another part of the world during a loved one’s services.

Several funeral homes have installed Webcams (what the article called a “small camera mounted in the chapel”) and will provide any interested families a password. This code can then be distributed to the mourners’ family members not able to pay their respects in the flesh.

What a concept. It makes sense, considering YouTube videos of murders, beatings, terror plots and the like have already been posted online. Why not add to the macabre? Which is, after all, what Wesley Music is being criticized of, being macabre.

Yes, it is rather grim. When you can shop online 24/7, why not attend a funeral in your PJs, too?

It just makes me wonder when it will all cease. I think it’s slightly insensitive to “attend” a funeral online. The whole point of the event is to pay your respects to both the deceased and the family. How is that possible when you are merely watching the event unfold on your computer?
Oh right. You can just send a text message to anyone there, duh.

The more we put on the Internet, the smaller our hearts become. Convergence is useful in the fact that it combines several forms of technology in ways designed to improve society. Aside from the “convenience” factor, it does little to improve our condition as people with feelings and emotions.

What happens when everything converges and there’s no one around to share it with?

Remember humanity and why it still exists. A majority of it will not care to attend a funeral online. People are more concerned with the human aspect, no matter how many megabytes they upload per second.

To read more of the article, click the headline above.

PHOTO: Convergence might be creeping into our lives in more ways than we imagined. But this is a TV. Maybe one day we’ll be able to flick through and find a funeral on that looks juicy. (

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