Who’s fooling whom?

Happy April Fool’s Day.

Not. This “holiday” has done nothing but irriate me this year.

Let’s begin with a brief history.

The exact origin of the holiday is not known but references to “All Fools’ Day” appear in Europe during the Middle Ages.

While there are several possible explanations for a holiday in which people are “tricked” and made to look foolish, the most popular is the calendar change theory.

In 1582, when France became the first country to switch from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar, several people refused to observe the change. What fools.

These people had pranks played on them, including having paper fish stuck to their backs.

They really knew how to make ’em cry, huh.

Today, tricks are far more intricate. But more often than not, they’re all just plain stupid.

For example, Georgian Court University thought it would be funny to post signs in the bathroom stalls.

The sign read as follows: “Notice: In light of an upsurge of violence on college campuses, Georgian Court University security forces have installed closed-circuit TV cameras in all bathrooms for your added safety and comfort. Please smile, you may be on camera right now.”

Written on the bottom of this logo-sanctioned red flyer is written: “See back.”

I’m sure you can guess what was written on the back.

How absolutely lame. I don’t think it’s funny to toy with personal space or security, especially when I’m trying to take care of business.

I’m also pretty sure that anything with the official GCU logo on it has to be approved by several offices before ever reaching our eyes. I’m glad they care so much about what’s published.

I wonder if these made their way into the men’s room.

PHOTO: I discovered we could write on our bathroom tiles with erasable markers. We have fun when we’re, er, on the toilet. (Megan Schrier)

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