Wow, McCain pulled out the Dictionary

The Asbury Park Press reported that Sen. John McCain is in the “embryonic stages” of selecting candidates for vice president.

Come on, John, embryonic???? Where did you pull that from? I think “early stages” would have sufficed. Or even “preliminary,” if you wanted to get fancy.

I have to say, if McCain is looking to impress the American public, he’s heading in the wrong direction. If he’s trying to look more intelligable than our current President . . . Let’s just say he’s digging his own grave. And at age 71, it’s starting to be that time.

The truth is that the majority of the U.S. doesn’t even know how to spell “embryonic,” let alone what it means. (Embryonic, by the way, means rudimentary or undeveloped, also underdeveloped, immature and unfinished. McCain didn’t even use the word correctly, if we’re going to nit-pick. But I won’t go there.)

In my opinion, McCain should look into retirement before he starts choking America with “big words.” Keep up with the times, buddy, we’re not all as smart as thou. (We haven’t lived that long yet.)

PHOTO: John McCain. My, doesn’t he look enfeebled. (

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