Because I have to end on a happy note: Freshly brewed B&N facts

Call it the perpetual optimist in me. Plus I’ve got coffee on the mind.

Here are a few interesting tidbits about Barnes and Noble, thanks to B&N Inside.

On this day, April 7, in 1993, B&N Store No. 1884 in Springfield, N.J. was the first Barnes and Noble Café to serve Starbucks coffee.

On April 16, in a year not given (weird), the first café was in Store No. 1880 (Bryn Mawr, Pa.). This consisted of a coffee cart that served coffee and muffins.

Barnes and Noble is the second largest retailer of Starbucks coffee and the largest retailer of Godiva chocolate in the world.

I’m assuming Starbucks is the largest retailer of . . . Well, duh.

My, we’ve come a long way.

PHOTO: WHALE OF AN INDUSTRY Probably the most widely recognized logo in the world. Star has come a long way from “Moby Dick.” (Starbucks, taken from

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