B&N CEO’s daughter, 20, passes away

Melissa Ann Riggio passed away at approximately 6 a.m. this morning at the University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell, Manhattan.

She was one of Steve Riggio’s three daughters. Steve is the CEO of Barnes and Noble, the company for which I work.

Melissa was only 20 years old.

There will be a funeral service held in N.J. on Friday.

Born with Down Syndrone, she was diagnosed with leukemia last summer.

According to a report from B&N Inside, an Intra-Web site for B&N employees, she “lived a full and extraordinary life.”

She worked at the YMCA in Bernardsville, N.J., was crowned Prom Queen of Bernards High School and loved to read, listen to music and write.

She aspired to be a singer one day. Some of her songs were even recorded by singer/songwriter Rachel Fuller.

She was such a gorgeous young woman, as you can see from her picture.

It breaks my heart when young souls leave us. My heart and prayers go out to the entire Riggio family.

Please visit Melissa’s Web site and check out her music.

PHOTO: RIP Melissa Ann Riggio. In her own words, “Even though I have Down Syndrone, my life is a lot like yours.” (Taken from Melissa’s Web site)

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