Starbucks announces new daily brew

In a full-page advertisment featured in today’s copy of The New York Times, Starbucks announced they will be serving a new daily brew starting tomorrow, April 8.

Pike Place Roast, 37 years in the making, will be revealed at all Starbucks locations at noon.

Their Web site does not announce just what the “big surprise” is. Neither did mass e-mails sent to all Internet subscribers.

I am intrigued as to just what is going to happen at noon, also what the new roast tastes like.

I suspect free coffee will be served tomorrow to promote the few flavor. Just a guess.

Pick up a copy of the Times to see the “Venti big” surprise or visit the Starbucks Web site.

PHOTO: FRESH ROASTED The full-age ad featured in the Times, as well as the new Starbucks Espresso blend. Dense with caramelly sweetness, but not too bold, this bean is a must-try for any coffee Connoisseur. Although I don’t always go for the bold flavors, this brews a perfect cup combined with a lil’ sugar. (Melissa L. Gaffney)

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