Thanks YouTube, I really needed to see that (beating below)

No, really. I needed to see an innocent 16 year old get the tar beat out of her by eight classmates. Nice, America, we’re really teaching the kids a lesson.

While FOX News TV did not disclose the victim’s name because she is a minor, FOX News Online said Victoria Lindsay was beaten in an “animalistic attack.”

The beating took place on March 30 in Lakeland, Fla., Polk County, and Lindsay is still recovering.

The Ledger Online reported that she is OK, aside from a concussion, bruises, swelling, slight loss of hearing and vision on her left side, not to mention trauma.

The Ledger also reported that Lindsay will not be returning back to public school.

I wonder why.

The incident began over what The Ledger called “trash talking” on MySpace and through text messaging.

The eight teens, two of whom were male, lured Lindsay into a car, took her to a house and proceeded to beat her up for 35 minutes. Two two boys served as “lookouts” while the girls “took care of business.”

But the kicker: They filmed the incident ultimately wanting to post it to Web sites like YouTube and MySpace to receive recognition and embarrass Lindsay.

All eight were arrested and charged with felon battery and false imprisonment. They range in age from 14 to 18.

This entire situation raises a valid question: Is this just “bullying” or have we reached another level of abuse requiring jail time?

I think the six girls should spend a good amount of time in jail. I also think they should be brutally beaten, pushed into walls and screamed at mercilessly by a few inmates.

What kind of country do we live in where kids now aspire to be the next YouTube bully?

It’s bad enough bullying even exists.

Children are the most impressionable of us all, yet they’re the ones ruining each others’ lives and hurting one another, physically and mentally.

Some serious discipline is needed in this situation. I hope these girls and the two loser boys they got to do the “tough guy” job of playing watch dog learn an important lesson. Violence is never the answer, and violence taped purposely with malicious intent is definitely out of the question.

It’s extreme to say, but maybe eternal damnation is in order here. And when I say “eternal damnation,” I mean that perhaps living in ignorance is best for these children.

It might just save them a great deal of embarrassment in the long run.

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