M’town floodplain management making waves

The Asbury Park Press posted a piece today about the town hall meeting held Tuesday night in order to address residents’ concerns about the new Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) flood zone maps.

The new maps designate an additional 1,820 homes in Middletown to be a flood zone.

An estimated 4,280 Bayshore structures are considered in a “coastal high-risk flood zone” according to the new maps. This includes those mentioned in M’town, 1,810 in Keansburg, 640 in Hazlet and 100 in Union Beach.

According to the APP online, residents were “perplexed and sometimes angry” about the new maps and what this means for their future: They will need to purchase flood insurance, an added expense in an already weak economy.

When FEMA submits a second notice, there will be a 90-day appeal period.

The flood maps are final six months after the last appeal is resolved.

At this point, the township and its residents can do nothing more than prolong the process before the maps are finalized and flood insurance must be purchsed.

If they purchase insurance before the maps go into effect, residents will be “grandfathered” and receive a lower premium than were they to wait until after.

To receive a free flood insurance quote, visit N.J. Flood Insurance online.

To learn more about FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Plan, visit its link on FEMA’s Web site.

The flood maps can be viewed by clicking the headline.

PHOTO: JUST BEACHY Homes previously not in danger are now deemed so in times of natural disasters, according to FEMA’s new flood maps. (Melissa L. Gaffney)

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