FEMA Flood Map controversy flooding the Bayshore

Having released the newly updated flood maps to the public, FEMA is under fire for the more than 4,200 additional Bayshore homes now considered to be in “coastal high-risk flood zones.”

Residents and administrations alike are rather upset at these new adjustments, considering it will cost homeowners thousands of dollars in flood insurance.

Check out this week’s issue of The Courier for my coverage of the flood map controversy. The “flood map fallout” will be an eight-part series. At least eight parts, as I could probably write several volumes.

This week, the Middletown Democrats sounded off on the maps. Next week, look to hear from M’town Republicans.

Visit The Courier online later today to read more.

As I examine the issues, I will be concentrating more specifically on Middletown, Keansburg, Union Beach and Keyport.

If you have any information about FEMA, flood maps or anything that might be useful, I can be reached at (732) 957-0070, ext. 6127 or via e-mail at: ms.melissa.gaffney@gmail.com.

PHOTO: BEACHED Floods will have to be patient as residents and administrations begin appealing the new maps. (Melissa L. Gaffney)


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