"Go Green," everyone’s doing it

While it has its adversaries, “Going Green” has become the latest trend. I think Barnes and Noble has had a “Go Green” display for at least the past four months or so.

With Earth Day on April 19, it is no wonder people are admittedly aware of environmental consequences.

The borough of Keyport is doing some really great things in order to encourage residents to “Go Green,” starting with cleaning up town.

At several council meetings, residents have voiced concerns about the amount of trash sprinkling the streets and becoming an eye sore. Many have gone so far as to consider moving out of town, a town they have either grown up in or come to love dearly because of its charm and, ironically, visual appeal.

Residents want to make sure the “Pearl of the Bayshore” does not become a “Baysore.”

Councilman William Ortman discussed creating a volunteer litter clean-up group. He said he would like to coordinate with residents, the Keyport Public Works and the Garden Club for such a project.

Handfuls of residents have come forward seeking involvement by the borough. Reciprocally, they have said on many occasions they will volunteer their own time to help.

One resident is working with Mayor Robert J. Bergen to create a “Going Green”-type of organization, one encouraging residents to live consciously while saving money.

There are so many ways to live a “Green” life, and they will only ever help you in the long run. It is all a matter of re-training society to accept the fact that the earth is just not going to last forever: Our actions now will affect hundreds of generations to come. Keyport is on the right track.

To read more about Keyport’s efforts, pick up this week’s issue of The Courier.

To learn more about “Going Green,” visit The Green Guide, an online version of The National Geographic’s Green publication.

PHOTO: GARBAGE DAY Should be every day. It wouldn’t hurt to recycle either. (Melissa L. Gaffney)


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