8-year-old saves pregnant Mom

The Borough of Union Beach honored Mackenzie Ferriola at its council meeting on April 17 for calling 911 on Jan. 26 when her mother Carol fell and passed out.

Carol Ferriola is pregnant and expecting a baby boy in late May.

She explained that because of a previous car accident and her current medical condition, Mackenzie is very aware of the dangers entailed when Mom is not conscious.

Ferriola said she was in a car accident when she was 26 weeks pregnant with Mackenzie. “We were driving on Route 35 when a woman T-boned the truck,” she said. “She was trying to merge where Routes 35 and 36 split, missed the turn and hit the passenger side.”

The force caused the truck to flip the curb and Ferriola was thrown from the passenger seat. “If I had been wearing my seatbelt, Mackenzie and I would have been crushed,” she explained. “It was a horrible 50/50 situation.”

Ferriola said she spent nine weeks in the hospital with many complications, including back and knee injuries. “When I was thrown, I landed mostly on my back,” she said. “The force caused the placenta to separate. Mackenzie was only two pounds when she was born and a little over four when we finally left the hospital.”

Ferriola said Mackenzie has always known about her accident and her mom’s current condition. “Her birth announcement was a clip of the accident,” Mom said. “She has lived through my several surgeries and knows how much medication I take.”

“Ironically, I switched one of my medications the day before this happened,” she said. “My husband is convinced that has something to do with me passing out.”

Mackenzie acted bravely when she called 911. She is the reason her mom and baby brother are alive today.

To read more about Mackenzie’s 911 call and the borough’s recognition of her as a “True Hero,” pick up this week’s issue of The Courier.

PHOTO: PRETTY IN PINK Mackenzie holds her trophy and certificate. (Melissa L. Gaffney)


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