Fat Bastard Shiraz, 2006

A frisky little Shiraz, I must say. I didn’t expect such a robust flavor, but then again: It is Shiraz.

Rather “berry” in smell, don’t let that fool you: This bastard packs a lot of punch.

Hints of berry, yes. But licorice (my first thought was woodsy) undertones and captivatingly subtle sweetness give taste buds a treat.

The tannins are rather ripe, which might be its only drawback. I do enjoy a young wine, and have found the more recent years produce eager and full-bodied vino.

WineDefinitions.com added to my knowledge of tannins:

Red wines with little tannin should be drunk young. However, a red wine that should age and improve for perhaps three or more years requires a lot of tannin. As the wine ages, the tannin softens and becomes less noticeable.

The bottle ranges from $18 to $20. Mine came to $19.25, with tax.

It was worth it, especially paired with brie. Most robust red wines go well with red meat, spicy foods and fuller cheeses. Brie fits the bill, as does sushi.

To read more about Fat Bastard wines, click on the headline.

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