My questions for Menendez and Lautenberg

As the Bayshore continues to be strung along with the possibility of flood insurance, thanks to the newly updated Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs), I am posing questions to the peoples’ state representatives, Sen. Robert Mendendez and Sen. Frank Lautenberg.

These are the questions I have called every possible office with (excerpted from e-mails):

“[The Courier is] putting together a story regarding Congressman Frank Pallone’s legislation to put a moratorium on FEMA’s implementation of the newly redesigned flood maps, particularly in the Bayshore.

Many Bayshore municipalities are passing resolutions in support of his legislation.

I would like comments from the Senator regarding:

1) The legislation itself, does he support it?
2) What the Senator thinks about the Bayshore supporting Congressman Pallone’s legislation.

Also, if possible – not necessarily a priority- his general comments regarding the entire FEMA flood map situation.”

Plain and simple: I want answers. So should you.

Please call both Senators’ offices and let them know you support Pallone’s legislation and want them to do something about this situation, too.

Here are their numbers:

Sen. Robert Menendez in D.C. – (202) 224-4744
Sen. Robert Menendez in N.J. – (973) 645-303

Sen. Frank Lautenberg in D.C. – (202) 224-3224
Sen. Frank Lautenberg in N.J. – (973) 639-8700

If anyone receives any interesting comments, feel FREE to send them to me at: ms.melissa.gaffney@ or by calling (732) 957-0070, ext. 6127.

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