FEMA may as well be on another planet

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is not coming clean after questioned by Congressman Frank Pallone Jr., D-N.J.

Regional Director Stephen Kempf Jr., of Region II, responded to Pallone’s April 9 inquiry with one particular response I found intriguing:

“The determination to expand the flood zones was not based on any formulas. Rather, it was based on several key facts: 1) FEMA’s determination that the Keansburg Beach and Dune System (KBDS) does not provide citizens’ protection from a flood that has a one percent change of occurring in any given year; 2) Detailed hydrologic and hydraulic studies and; 3) More accurate topographic information.”

My initial question after reading that statement: Then what happened to the Middletown shore protection project? Berm, levee anyone?

All of a sudden no one from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers knows about any shore protection projects completed in M’town. FEMA isn’t answering its phones. You mean to tell me an entire shore protection project was created under false pretenses by who-knows what agency, deemed “inadequate” by another (cough FEMA cough) then supposedly torn down by that same agency (FEMA)????

Highly unlikely. Thus begins the finger pointing.

FEMA deemed Middletown’s shore protection inadequate, apparently removed it but is now claiming the situation in Keansburg to be the one that “did not provide citizens’ protection from a flood [that may never happen in our lifetime].”

On top of that, neither FEMA nor the Army Corps can answer any questions regarding the situation?

I don’t think so.

FEMA seems to be operating under a form of communication no one else understands. Please, FEMA, tell me why thousands of people will have to pay for flood insurance when a project that could have protected them “magically disappeared.”

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