I got Handlin’s back again, but at least she wasn’t running away this time

Assemblywoman Amy Handlin, R-District 13, took her Federal Emergency Management Agency petition to Union Beach on Tuesday.

Handlin said she hoped to have 1,000 signatures by the end of the day on her petition, which opposes FEMA’s implementation of the newly updated flood maps and asks the agency to deal with this issue properly.

“I never voted for them,” commented Handlin, when a resident asked her who “elected” FEMA and gave the agency so much power.

The assemblywoman addressed residents’ concerns and actually spent about ten minutes in the same room with me, a Courier reporter.

The last time I attempted to approach Amy was in Keansburg during the initial leg of her petition drive. She ran away from me twice that day. And I mean literally: She grabbed her purse, whispered into her assistant’s ear and darted out the back of the Keansburg Fire Department.

I have never had anyone run away from me without having met me before. Just goes to show me how word gets around quickly in these parts.

Despite that disturbing experience, I have and will continue to seek comments from Amy Handlin. She is not above reproach, and by her standing – alone – on one side of an old debate only means she is ignorant to the workings of politics as well as the work of her political peers, whether she will ever admit that or not.

Check out this week’s issue of The Courier for coverage on the Handlin petition drive in Union Beach. I think it is the first time in a long time Amy will be in The Courier, aside from editorial pieces, and the occasion should be marked with a flattering head shot.

If only we had one.

PHOTO: DON’T LET THE DOOR HIT YA Amy Handlin and one of her assistants left borough hall to walk door-to-door seeking signatures on Handlin’s FEMA petition in Union Beach. Please Amy, I promise: I don’t bite.


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