K’burg elects Strydio, Hoff and DePompa

The borough of Keansburg re-elected Mayor Lisa Strydio and Councilman George F. Hoff, as well as newcomer Anthony DePompa to council today.

The three will join councilmen Art Boden and Jimmy Cocuzza, both elected in May 2006.

The results, reported on the Monmouth County Clerk’s Web site, are as follows:

– Anthony DePompa 790 30.80%
– George F. Hoff 758 29.55%
– Lisa Strydio 712 27.76%
– Angelo Melillo 289 11.27%

I spoke to the elected officials tonight after the results were in.

Look for a piece in this week’s issue of The Courier for election coverage.

PHOTO: CONGRATS Hoff and Strydio will rejoin Cocuzza and Boden, along with newly elected councilman DePompa.

Cocuzza is currently recuperating in the hospital after surgery. We wish him the best!


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