N.J. Blind Citizens Association offers summer camp

The New Jersey Blind Citizens Association, Inc., will host its third annual gift auction on Friday, May 30, at the Port Monmouth VFW Post No. 2179.

The statewide non-profit group is headquartered at Camp Happiness in Leonardo.

Founded in 1910, the group’s financial secretary, Bob Guijarro, said the group offers an art program, job development program, computer training program and various social activities, as well as a day program and summer camp.

In my most recent post (the YouTube video at the top of the page), the association’s director, Doug Scott, elaborates more on the summer camp and Camp Happiness’s location in Leonardo.

I had no idea the neighborhood even existed. Thank goodness for the more meaningful things in Middletown.

It is a beautiful spot, and Camp Happiness is doing wonderful things for blind citizens.

Visit its Web site for more information and look for my article elaborating on the upcoming fund-raiser in this week’s issue of The Courier.


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