Alcohol awareness program will be held tomorrow in M’town

The Asbury Park Press reported there will be an “addiction discussion” on Thursday, May 15, at 7:30 p.m. in Middletown Town Hall.

I also received a call from Mike Slover, former M’town cop of 32 years, telling me about the Reaching Out program.

He said it is a free event and there will be six panelists who will discuss alcohol prevention, intervention and treatment.

Slover said Mayor Gerard Scharfenberger, Township Administrator Anthony Mercantante, Superintendent of Schools Karen Bilbao, Police Chief Robert Oches and Municipal Court Judge Richard Thompson will be on the panel.

Slover said the event is packed every year and that one of the program’s functions is for the audience to be able to “hammer” the panelists with “the tough questions.”

I look forward to hearing all the panelists discuss the issue of alcohol prevention tomorrow night.

PHOTO: Mayor Scharfenberger. (Courier Staff Photo)

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