Cocuzza the cartographer

Union Beach Councilman Charlie Cocuzza was on-hand during Assemblywoman Amy Handlin’s petition drive at borough hall on Tuesday.

Cocuzza seemed to be the resident “expert map decipherer,” as neither Handlin nor anyone from her office could help residents figure out their new flood zone according to the map.

Handlin was in Union Beach collecting signatures for her petition to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

She said if FEMA was going to provide “indecipherable” maps to the community, the agency should at least provide residents with answers and assistance.

Ironically, I don’t think Handlin has even bothered to look at the maps and examine them closely, considering she couldn’t – or chose not to – help residents read the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) on Tuesday.

Amy, if you’re going to “provide” the community with something indecipherable, make sure someone is “available” to “answer any questions” regarding it.

Good thing Charlie Cocuzza was there . . .

PHOTO: MAPS 101 The councilman helped many residents determine their potential flood zones on the newly updated FIRMs. (Melissa L. Gaffney)


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