Scharfenberger on MoreMonmouthMusings: When blogs fight back

The Middletown Township Meeting was rather eventful tonight, with the committee taking on the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Council on Affordable Housing and Art Gallagher’s blog.

. . . Yes, that’s correct.

In addressing the municipal budget, resident and M’town Democrat for Township Committee James Grenafege noted an article in The Asbury Park Press regarding the “cell phone tower deal.”

He also mentioned Art Gallagher’s blog, MoreMonmouthMusings, and the post regarding monetization in Middletown.

In his comments to Grenafege, Mayor Gerard Scharfenberger said he has been dealing with cell towers for many years and was told by several engineers how towers would be “obsolete” in 10 years or so. This was about five years ago, according to Scharfenberger.

The mayor said this lease is “the best way to protect [Middletown] from something that might become obsolete.”

Scharfenberger went on to say that this is “more than Mr. Gallagher and his blog would know, and is really more than he would be expected to know.”

Coming from an avid observer (me): The mayor’s words were soaked with condescension.

I wonder if Scharfenberger has ever even read Art’s blog firsthand?

Blogging is the way of the future. If the mayor would like to discredit hundreds of thousands of bloggers worldwide by alluding to the fact that blogs are insignificant and should not be referenced (ever), he might want to think twice before he disgruntles the blogosphere.

Particularly when the majority of online journalism is grounded in fact.

Just a thought.

Don’t worry Art, I wouldn’t take it personally. Scharfenberger had nothing better to comment on, considering Deptuy Mayor Pamela Brightbill wasn’t there.

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One response to “Scharfenberger on MoreMonmouthMusings: When blogs fight back

  1. Art Gallagher

    I’m not worried. :-)

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