Getting the numbers on Barbara Trzeszkowski

Keansburg Board of Education members have been MIA. Students might be confused. Most residents of the Burg are simply outraged.

As they very well should be.

Superintended Barbara Trzeszkowski is, as of now, going to walk away from her almost 40 years of service to the borough with nearly three-quarters of a million dollars on June 30.

Reminder: This is all as her contract stands currently. This doesn’t take into consideration that, all of a sudden, the state of New Jersey and its governor are “up in arms” and don’t want Keansburg to pay up quite yet.

Well, I’m glad the state and its elected officials care so much about Abbott Districts and where taxpayers’ money goes. Let’s sprinkle the state with more inside deals and cantankerous politics and maybe Gov. Jon Corzine will pay attention to the current economy in light of . . . The current economy. The system is failing, flawed at best.

Keep in mind, it’s not as if this massive payout is all a “big surprise.” Trzeszkowski’s contract was rewritten in 2003, when the severance package was tacked on.

Looks to me like this was snuck in under controversial terms.

Let’s analyze some numbers

As the contract stands, Trzeszkowski will receive about $170,137 for her 235.5 unused sick days, paid in three equal, annual amounts. This was calculated by taking 1/240th of the superintendent’s per-diem rate of pay (about $722.45 multiplied by 235 and a half). The borough will attempt to “buy back” her 20 unused vacation days for $14,449 (her per-diem rate of pay, which is actually about a month’s worth of her salary).

What has stirred the most disgust is the superintendent’s severance package: A sum to be paid in five equal installments of about $556,290. This was calculated using her per-diem rate of pay (a year’s salary of $173,389 divided by 12 months, equalling $14,449) and multiplying it by how many years of service Trzeszkowski dedicated to the borough: 38 and a half.

This doesn’t even begin to tally the amount she will receive from her pension.

Her total retirement present, also being called a “golden parachute,” is rougly $741,000 (about $740,876 when adding the numbers I worked out), including the potential, unused vacation day purchase. I’m thinking Trzeszkowski might just sell out for it all. Just an inkling.

I am currently in the midst of quite a bit of research regarding this situation. There will be an article in this week’s copy of The Courier.

Look for it, as you should also look for your tax dollars to head right into the pockets of not just Trzeszkowski, but of the hundreds of other crooks in this state who think they deserve as much money as they can suck from whomever is putting out.

And let me tell you: New Jersey is relatively easy, if you know what I mean.

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One response to “Getting the numbers on Barbara Trzeszkowski

  1. havoc1922

    I’m looking forward to reading your piece in tomorrows paper. I would really like to know who and how this contract got approved. I’m so angry. I support the board and the district and now we just look like fools. It’s outrageous.

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