No candy here: Pam Brightbill gave out devil horns during the Memorial Day parade

It’s really a shame Middletown has to suffer through elected officials such as Deputy Mayor Pamela Brightbill.

I was covering the Memorial Day parade today – probably the township’s 50th or so – when I noticed I was actually being waved to Mayor Gerard Scharfenberger.

Side note: Thanks Ger, I really appreciated that. You didn’t make me feel as much like an outcasted, syphilitic leper as you normally do. Then again, maybe I was dreaming and you were waving to someone behind me.

Back to my wonderful experience with Pam . . .

So all of a sudden there they were, Middletown’s finest, right in front of me. The parade procession had stopped and depositied two smiling faces directly within the scope of my lens.

I said hello and asked if they would pose for a picture.

Scharfenberger didn’t answer, being that Brightbill usually takes the liberty. She looked at me and said something along the lines of, “No.” She had that attractive scowl on her face that only Pamela Brightbill can contort through facial expression.

I snapped a few pictures anyway, as she quickly turned away.

As they began walking down the road, a man following them in the procession said, “Pam, why don’t you two pose for a picture?”

Keep in mind these events took place over the course of a few seconds.

She looked over her shoulder at him and gave another one of those prolonged scowls and said some sarcastic remark I didn’t quite pick up. I can only imagine it had something to do with me.

The man said, “What, is she a democrat?” [Gee, I didn’t know Middletown Republicans were known for their dislike of Democrats.]

At that point, Brightbill – still with scowl, now hinted with a sarcastic smile I’m sure she thought was clever and cunning – looked at him, said something along the lines of, “No, she’s with The Courier,” and proceeded to put her finger to her head and make the gesture commonly associated with devil horns.

Pamela Brightbill referred to me as the

Now I’m pretty sure Pam didn’t think I was still watching. Guess what? I was.

Middletown should be exceptionally embarrassed

An elected official should never, ever make gestures like that of any kind, even if actions were to merit it. Mine did not. I have never deserved to be referred to as “the devil” in my dealings with Middletown elected officials.

I am always respectful and mindful of the difficult plight they face in the township. I have never been anything but pleasant and polite in my passings with Deputy Mayor Brightbill, in particular. In fact, if I recall, it was me who took the liberty to introduce myself to her at a meeting (not a township meeting). She was kind of busy though, being overtly polite to James Hogan, even taking a flyer from him that demonizes Rep. Frank Pallone, D-N.J.

For her to assume all reporters from The Courier to be Satan-like is quite a statement. I’m also pretty sure she didn’t always think that of J.J. Sullivan III, former Courier Staff Writer.

I would venture to say Pam thinks all Middletown Democrats – maybe even all Democrats on the face of the earth – to be the devil’s bedfellow.

Pam, here’s the thing: With elections coming up soon, perhaps you should take a course in public relations. You’re the one up for reelection, not me. I’m sure the taxpayers wouldn’t appreciate such a gesture, and neither did I.

Let it be duly noted that I have reported the event as it happened. Some might see my description of Brightbill’s actions to be a bit elaborate. Republican or not, it was uncalled for and entirely rude and disrespectful in its intent.

Unless you were there – and you probably weren’t – take my word for it. Pamela Brightbill just made her bed for the next couple of months, and it doesn’t look pretty.

PHOTO: I caught Pam with the finger en-route to make the devil-horn gesture at Middletown’s Memorial Day Parade today. (Melissa L. Gaffney)

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