Super party?

Keansburg Superintendent Barbara Trzeszkowski will celebrate her retirement tonight during a party in Holmdel, from what I’ve been told.

Apparently, tickets for the event are $70, and there are still some available. Where and from whom, I have no idea.

It will be held at the PNC Bank Arts Center banquet hall, which has a name no one seems to be able to recall, including Google.

I heard from a bird that reporters might show up. I would think young people have better things to do on a Friday night than burden this woman who is trying to retire in peace.

No matter what the circumstances, I draw the line at some point. Especially when it comes to crashing Barbara Trzeszkowski’s retirement party.

I do, however, think the fact that one would have to pay to attend this retirement party is slightly inconsiderate. What if students want to attend? I’m pretty sure none of them have an extra $70 sitting around, nor should they have to spend money if they want to honor their superintendent.

Not to mention the cost is rather outrageous, even for an “upscale” location, the name of which is not well recorded, if you ask me.

I hope the superintendent enjoys her party. She put in all those years for something, even if it does involve money.

She should at least take a moment for reflection. And maybe another to have a drink.


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One response to “Super party?

  1. Art Gallagher


    The venue is called the Robert Meyner Reception Center. Named after a governor before your time.

    Good for you not crashing. A reporter with couth is like a politician who keeps the public interests in mind over their own. Good for you!

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