New Jersey recreation: Egrets, turtles and geese, oh my!

My weekends often consist of at least one drive to hunt down some of the Jersey Shore’s most prized possessions: Its varied wildlife.

Forget the bennies, shoobies and nudists. The Shore has some of the nation’s coolest creatures, right in our backyard.

Living in Ocean County, I often think I have the best of all worlds. We’re close enough to the ocean, but the bay is our playground. It feels like home, yet there is so much to explore, so many niches we haven’t explored.

Below are some pictures I took during a drive in the Bayville area. The bird is a white egret and the turtle, a snapper. It was observed how the turtle is probably very old, given its external state. Assumed a male, he certainly had some pep in his step.

The egrets are common in our area, as are red shoulders. The latter are small and quick, though, and I haven’t been able to catch them on my camera yet.

To learn more about birding in New Jersey, visit this Web site. To learn more about birds in general, the New Jersey Audubon Society is a good place to start.

PHOTOS: Melissa L. Gaffney

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