John Tobia and the Monmouth County Public Works

I had an interview with John Tobia earlier today.

Tobia is the director of the Monmouth County Public Works, headquartered in Freehold.

I was not familiar with what the department had done during the past year. What I learned is that the department has done quite a bit.

Tobia is a very efficient director, consolidating and cutting costs by integrating the entire public works.

He said the department works as a team, and that the concept of shared services is part of the reason public works was able to save so much money.

Below is a video interview with Tobia. He explains how the department analyzed each division of public works, consolidated and, in turn, saved a lot of money for Monmouth County.

One thing he highlights in this video is how public works began using in-house professionals rather than contract outside corporations for projects and tasks involving the county.

He’s a very well-spoken person. It’s nice to meet those every once in a while.

I will be posting two other videos below. Check them out, too.

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