Espresso Joe’s in Keyport

One of my favorite spots to get a cup of coffee (and excellent conversation) is Espresso Joe’s in Keyport.

Its owner, Sonny, makes a mean iced peppermint mocha. Another unique menu item is the Paradox, a mix of Red Bull and Chai – absolutely fantastic. They’ve kept me up many a night when I’ve had late meetings ;-)

During one of my visits, Sonny was telling me about open-mic night. He said it was neat because many artists travel to Keyport just for open mic, to be able to express themselves.

Sonny said it was some kind of intangible need, a desire to let it out after a long day of work. Being somewhat of a musician (I try), I understand the passion. Being a working person, I definitely understand the need to let it all out after a tough day.

I’m of the opinion that Joe’s is also one of the greatest places to play a show in New Jersey, and many local artists have (including Laura Monzo).

It’s spacious, yet cozy. The coffee is amazing, and so is the food. The people make it personable, and the setting is one to be sought. (Not to mention Sonny has the coolest hand chairs ever!)

I’ve been to many coffee shops in Monmouth and Ocean County. Espresso Joe’s makes top five, if not higher. Look for more of my coffee-related excursions during the summer months. There’s more to life than Starbucks, and I want the best cup of coffee for my travels.

Check out the establishment’s MySpace page for a list of events.

PHOTO: (Melissa L. Gaffney)


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One response to “Espresso Joe’s in Keyport

  1. foodiedani

    Love this place too! Especially because they have soy milk!

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