Strahan retires?!

What’s wrong with the New York Giants, letting Michael Strahan retire?!

The Asbury Park Press is reporting that Strahan, the team’s defensive end, is retiring after a 15-year career – which was topped off by a spectacular Super Bowl win, might I add. It’s also on Well, that confirms it for me.

What a bummer. Despite being a Philadelphia Eagles fan (Jim Purcell, I know what you’re thinking), I really gunned for the Giants this past February. In my opinion, the better team won.

Some might argue that “one more trophy” wouldn’t have made much of a difference to a team (cough Patriots cough) that has ’em all, and the records to prove it. To that I say: All that really matters is what happens in the end. How we get there is a whole different story.

Who’s going to remember from now until November when the country just experienced an unprecedented display of politics in the primaries?

Who remembers all those crushing victories the Pats had when, in the end, they lost to to an underdog team in one of the best Super Bowls of all time? I know of only one person.

Strahan will be missed on the field. However, it leaves a huge door open for teams like mine – and the New England Patriots, apparently – who need to work on that little extra “umph” and really develop a solid passing game. Gosh, I just want McNabb to throw the ball more than 20 yards.

Yes, I said it. The Patriots aren’t perfect. No football team is. If they were, then the Giants wouldn’t have won in February and the sport would not be one of the greatest pastimes Americans have enjoyed for years. In case you haven’t noticed, perfection falls deaf on today’s society.

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