Party crashers?

Rumor has it (via MoreMonmouthMusings) that certain self-interested parties* might show up at the Republican convention tonight and “disrupt or delay” Joe Oxley’s election as Monmouth County Republican Chairman.

*Complete speculation; decide for yourself

This can be done, apparently, by a simple quorum call for the committee. If all committee members are not present, it would be asserted that there is no convention and that election results are invalid.

WELL, if that’s not the bee’s knees, I don’t know what is.

It certainly adds some flavor to the evening. Meanwhile, on the other side of things, the Democrats are expected to re-elect Vic Scudiery as chairman.

Alyssa Passeggio and I will be covering tonight’s conventions, she the Republicans, myself the Democrats. What to wear, what to wear.


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