Audio clip: Stephen Kempf of FEMA

The following is an audio clip recorded during the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Open House on Friday, June 13.

Regional Director Stephen Kempf, of FEMA Region II, discussed the flooding situation in the Bayshore and how FEMA wants to answer the “hard questions.”

Kempf also said there is no stupid question, only those questions not asked.

Give it a listen.

Click on the headline to listen to the audio clip.

This is something new I’m trying out. Please e-mail me with any feedback. Also, if you’d like a relatively plain-languaged tutorial (trust me, I’m not exactly a techie genius), let me know. I’ll put one together. (I think I will anyway, considering it’s extremely useful.) The process is actually very simple, once you know what to do. Thanks!


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