MOCERT responded to barricaded man

The Monmouth County Emergency Response Team (MOCERT) secured 3 Autumn Terrace on Thursday, June 19, after receiving a call from the Holmdel Police Department, according to Holmdel Chief of Police Raymond Wilson.

The Police Department responded to a complaint that somebody was shooting a weapon, Wilson said.

Wilson said the Autumn Terrace resident locked himself inside the house and the police had no contact with him. The chief said the resident was not responding to any form of communication, including phone calls.

The chief said MOCERT secured the scene when it arrived and were able to talk to the man.

Wilson could not comment on whether or not the man was taken into custody, but said he was no longer locked inside the residence.

Wilson said the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office would have a forthcoming statement.

Click on the headline to see videos detailing the scene.

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