The many concerts in Keyport

The borough of Keyport often provides excellent entertainment to its residents.

This summer, there are two concert series I know of.

I have to admit that distinguishing the two was rather difficult: One is hosted by the borough, the other by the Keyport Business Alliance (KBA), and have seen the names confused often.

For anyone who is/was/might be confused, here’s the deal:

The Summer Concert Series is hosted by the KBA and is also known as “Jazz and Blues on Front Street.” Events will take place on Thursday evenings and on two Sunday occasions.

The Twilight Concert Series is hosted by the borough. Events are held every Saturday during the months of May and June. This series is also known as Espresso Joe’s Twilight Concert Series.

Here’s the confusing part: All events take place at the Mini Park on West Front Street.

Either way, music and family entertainment is a good thing for the borough, no matter who hosts it. Not to mention everything is free.

Look for articles in next week’s issue of The Courier detailing several upcoming events in Keyport.

I will try and compile as many dates as I can and post them over the weekend. For other information, click on the headline.

Summer, here we come. (Happy First Official Day of Summer!)


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