Jersey Shore art in Keyport

Local artist Victor Timpanaro recently opened a gallery in Keyport featuring his series, “Art of the Jersey Shore.”

I visited the gallery on Saturday and was fortunate enough to spend time with the artist and his wife, Polla.

Victor’s paintings combine both the impressionistic and the emotional. He has captured the entire Jersey Shore – not just the Bayshore – in a reflective way that truly showcases its beauty and rawness.

Timpanaro said he is able to paint the Shore year round, not only during the summer, because he travels to his subjects. The Timpanaros have a mobile home, which allows the closest proximity possible – even in extreme weather.

Below is a video I took during my time at the gallery. In it, Polla talks about one of the pieces I really enjoyed, a piece she told me was one of Victor’s earlier works. She also discusses some of the artist’s previous work and how the “waterfront series,” as she called it, came to be.

To read more about the gallery and Victor Timpanaro, pick up this week’s issue of The Courier on Thursday.

PHOTO: One of Victor’s pieces, not for sale. If I recall, he told me this was the Sandy Hook Lighthouse. (Photo: Melissa L. Gaffney; painting: Victor Timpanaro)


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